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Maid Name:
Riska Septiani
Ref Code:
Ex-Singapore maid
Indonesian maid
148 (cm)
47 (kg)
Children's Ages
Home Address
Ds.Sumberejo Rt 04/04 Kec Mranggen Kab Demak, Indonesia.
Secondary Level (7~9 yrs)
2 (day/month)
English: (Fair)
Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia: (Good)

Employment Record

From To Country Employer Main Duties Remark
2014 2016 Singapore Chinese Employer Handle all the general household chores, do some cooking, take care of 87 years old elderly(Grandma) June 2014 ~ May 2016
2016 2018 Singapore Chinese Indonesian Does all general household chores, take care of Grandpa, cooking and etc. Completed contract
2018 2019 Singapore Malay & Indonesian Does all general household chores, take care of 3 kids aged of 6 months baby, 2.5 years old, & 4 years old, and etc.
2019 2019 Singapore Chinese Does all general household chore, take care 62 years old Grandma(Cancer & weak), massage her, change cloths, assists daily routine, cleaning, marketing and etc. Grandma passaway

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children 3 Year(s)  
Care of elderly 3 Year(s)  
Care of disabled 2 Year(s)  
General housework 5 Year(s)  
Cooking 4 Year(s)  
Language Skill: English 4 Year(s)  

Maid Introduction

Worked in Singapore for 2 years with 2 Employer (Finished contract).
Take care Elderly (Chinese Employer)

Riska Septiani is 28 years old. She is married with one 6 years old daughter.

She has experience in Singapore for 2 years with one Employer. She worked with a Chinese Employer who stayed at Ang Mo Kio in a 5 room Hdb.

Her duties include taking care of 82 years old elderly grandma, do some cooking and handled all the general household chores.

After that, she worked for an Indonesian Chinese family for 2 years and 4 months. She completed the contract. She handle Elderly Grandpa who is 87 years old who is need fully assistance when walking, showering, feeding, holding and etc. She required to change diapers, accompany to medical checkup, massage and etc. After the Elderly care passaway, the employer deicided no need an helper anymore.

So the employer recommend to her friend and transfer to her friend. The job scope for her friend are taking care for 4 kids aged 6 months baby, 2.5years old & 4 years old. She always helping together with her madam for taking care and handling all the children.

After that, she worked for another Chinese family taking care of 62 years old Cancer Grandma. She always help Grandma to change cloths, massage her, feeding the food, marketing, and etc. After few weeks, the grandma passaway and they no need the helper anymore. And Riska also has been work in Singapore a few years continues and she decided to go back this time.

She can cook Chinese food and Indonesian food like Fried Chicken, Black sauce Chicken, Steam Fish with Ginger, Stir Fried Vegetables, Fried Bihun/KueyTeow, Chicken Rice, Soto, Loder, Sayur Asem, Balado, Nasi Lemak, ABC soup, Chicken soup, Herbal soup, Seafood Fried rice, and etc.

She looks forward to work again in Singapore to support her family and her daughter's education.
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